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96 Proteins is a Biology Contract Research Organization (CRO) which offers a wide range of services to accommodate your R & D needs for Life Science, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Diagnostic communities. Located within the San Francisco Bay, we focus in delivering products of the highest quality with fast turnarounds and at astonishingly low prices. We work under strict confidentiality and flexible communication.

At 96 Proteins, we understand that every protein is unique and needs to be treated accordingly. Protein diversity provides nature with an infinite combination of biologic tools but it also creates major challenges in preparing recombinant proteins. To tackle these issues, we developed a series of medium- and high-throughput screening platforms to rapidly identify and optimize a preparation process tailored for every protein. This approach enables us to produce soluble recombinant proteins of the highest purity and activity.

To complement our protein platforms, we also provide plasmid DNA preparation and cloning services. In addition, 96 Proteins is the home of “Mutate”, the best Site-directed mutagenesis service ever offered.

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